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CounterPoint Point of Sale Features

Retail POS Software that Delivers Power and Flexibility

Point of Sale provides fully integrated cash register functions on a computer workstation. It also gives you a full complement of management controls and reports to help you operate your business profitably and securely. Point of Sale works well in a variety of retail, wholesale, and mail-order environments.

You can mix sales, returns, orders, special orders, backorders, and layaways on the same ticket.

Associate image, audio, or video files with each item and/or customer, and CounterPoint can automatically display the image.

Touchscreen Ticket Entry

You can choose from either Regular Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry. Below are some of the other features available in CounterPoint's Point of Sale Solution:

Regular Ticket Entry
Touchscreen Ticket Entry
Holds and Quotes
Special Orders
Order Deposits
Lawaway Deposits
Customer-Specific Purchases
Store Credits
Gift Certificates
Shopping Cards
Payment Types
Ticket Numbering
Drawer Readings
Daily Reports
End-of-Day Processing
Retail Kits
Form Printing
Peripheral Devices
Special Functions
Credit Card Processing
Debit Card Processing
EBT Processing
Check Authorization

To learn more about these features, contact us for a FREE demonstration!


CounterPoint on Radiant hardware
CounterPoint allows you to:
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Accelerate your business
  • Tailor your solution
  • Preserve your audit trail
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