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Inventory is the backbone of CounterPoint. It is the means by which all items are identified, priced, and tracked. Inventory is designed to help you maintain optimum inventory levels, control inventory costs, and track merchandise movement. It provides the tools needed to minimize inventory levels and out-of-stock conditions, and maximize valuable management information and profitability.

Setting up inventory items is quick and easy. Item numbers and barcodes may be manually entered or assigned automatically. When a new item is added, much of the basic information may be copied from another item to help reduce errors and speed up the entry process, or a template item may be defined.

The Enterprise edition supports multiple stocking locations. Locations may be reported separately, together, or in location groups. An unlimited number of locations and location groups may be defined, and each group may have an unlimited number of locations. Location groups can be used for reporting and merchandise allocation.

Each item number identifies a unique inventory item with an associated description, category, price, barcode, and other information.

CounterPoint supports normal inventory items, as well as gridded (apparel color/size) items.

An item may be defined as an Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, or Discount item. CounterPoint tracks on-hand quantities for Inventory-type items.

You can easily remove inactive items from CounterPoint. Inactive items are those that have no quantity on-hand, no quantity committed, and no sales activity after the specified cutoff date. CounterPoint retains sales history for items that were removed.

Categories, subcategories, and up to six user-defined classification methods may be established for grouping items. These classifications are validated to ensure correct setup of information.
An item may also have:

  • Unlimited barcodes, a stocking unit, and up to five alternate selling units (e.g., EACH, BOX, CARTON).
  • Up to 20 user-defined profile fields for collecting and displaying additional item information.
  • Images, sounds, or video clips that can be displayed during item Zooms, or auto-displayed in Regular and Touchscreen Ticket Entry.
  • A weight assigned.
  • Unlimited substitute items that can be viewed during Item Zooms.
  • A primary vendor and an unlimited number of alternate vendors. For each vendor/item combination, CounterPoint tracks the purchasing costs, the vendor's item number, and other valuable information.

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CounterPoint on Radiant hardware
CounterPoint allows you to:
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Accelerate your business
  • Tailor your solution
  • Preserve your audit trail
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