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Barcodes in CounterPoint

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Barcodes of up to 20 characters are supported (field length can be expanded), and an item may have an unlimited number of barcodes. Barcodes may be associated with a specific selling unit—for example, one barcode may indicate BOX, while another barcode indicates EACH. A unique barcode is supported for each individual color/size combination for a gridded (apparel) item.

Barcodes may be manually entered or automatically generated by CounterPoint. Both manufacturer and in-house barcodes are supported. Barcodes may be printed on labels and used for automated scanning during Point of Sale checkout, when taking a physical count, and in other functions.

Barcodes in CounterPoint

Random-weight barcodes allow for variable weight items, such as meat or produce. Ticket Entry recognizes random-weight barcodes and automatically calculates the correct quantity (weight). Weight scales and tare weights (container weights) are also supported.

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