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An online store is a great way to reach customers or to keep in touch with your existing ones. But how do you set up shop on the Internet without getting tangled up in a web of technical issues? CPOnline works with your CounterPoint system to let you expand your business to the Web with a minimum of effort and expense. Powerful enough to accommodate all of your ecommerce demands, but simple enough for anyone to operate, CPOnline makes opening your online store easy and affordable.

Set Up Shop with One Stop

CPOnline is fully integrated with CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL, which means you can maintain your brick-and-mortar and online stores at the same time. Update your inventory in CounterPoint and publish your changes to CPOnline instantly. Upload customer records from CounterPoint and invite your existing customers into your online store. Deliver online orders from CPOnline to CounterPoint for easy fulfillment. CPOnline and your CounterPoint system work together seamlessly, allowing you to open your doors to the world.

Get Up and Running in No Time

With CPOnline, setting up your online store couldn't be easier. Choose one of our professionally-designed templates to give your store its overall look and feel, then use point-and-click layout editors to tailor the template to suit your tastes. Modify your store's content and behavior using CPOnline's Store Administration tools and apply your changes with the click of a button. Add your own images, create a custom contact form, choose featured and special items, set up search options, and much more—all without editing a single line of HTML.

Power Up Your Sales

CPOnline gives your online store more than just a pretty face. It's packed with features that are designed to make your online business more successful. Features like member pricing and member items, instant Froogle™ submissions, affiliate links, comprehensive reports, and much more.
Automated email notification lets you keep in touch with your online customers and keep them informed about new items or promotions. Online credit card authorization with advanced CVV2/CVC2 verification means every online transaction is secure. Support for CPGateway, standard CounterPoint pay codes, PayPal, and A/R accounts (for A/R customers uploaded from CounterPoint V7) gives your online shoppers the widest range of payment options. Automatic FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS® shipping calculation means no more rate charts and manual updates, and your online customers can track their packages right from your storefront.

Marketing tools like email newsletters, affiliate programs, promotional discounts, and optional Premium Features—like Automated Data Transfer, CounterPoint Ticket History, Restricted Store Access, and Tax Rate Lookup by ZIP Code—bring even more power to your online store.

Add Up the Savings

For all of its capabilities, CPOnline is incredibly affordable. In fact, if you compare it to other ecommerce solutions feature for feature, you'll find that CPOnline is one of the most cost-effective ways for you to open your own online store. And when you consider all the time you'll save by using your existing CounterPoint data instead of having to re-enter all your inventory and customer records, using anything else just doesn't add up.

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It's not about how well you understand the Internet. It's about how easy CPOnline is for you to use.
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