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Assistive Technology for Blind Agencies and Base Supply Stores

The goal of our assistive technology development group is to provide retail businesses with the tools needed to employ sight challenged individuals. Through years of experience and interaction with blind agencies across the country, we are able to address most any business requirement.

Product Offerings
Through the use of software scripting and data manipulation Accelerando is able to customize applications to meet the needs of your business. With an emphasis on user accessibility, the applications are able to provide individuals with access to activities such as point of sale processing, inventory review and item purchasing and replenishment. Further consulting and review of business goals will determine which technologies are most appropriate.

Application Integration
NCR's CounterPoint inventory control software is used as the primary developmental base for assistive technologies. With the flexibility of this enterprise level software, we have the ability to customize programs to provide businesses with desired accessibility for workers. In addition, we can review existing applications to determine if assistive technology integration is available with a company’s current database. The goal is to provide our client companies with what is needed, when it is needed.

Assistive Technology Products
An Accelerando core product for assistive technology is speaking inventory control software. Through the use of wireless products, our applications empower individuals who would normally be limited to tasks that do not involve the use of business software. For individuals with limited sight, we offer customizable user-defined point of sale touch screen menus. Our technologies are developed with the end user in mind.

Costs & Return on Investment
A large support network, a notable level of experience and efficient operations allows Accelerando to minimize costs and maximize return on investment for our clients. Each opportunity requires a certain level of business expectations and requirements before proper estimating can be accomplished. Accelerando business review services provide a basis for exploring the needs of the business and ultimately meeting budget goals.

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Assistive technology empowers blind agency employees to conduct retail operations
Accelerando's Assistive Technology:

Client Highlight:

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Learn how Blind Industries and Services of Maryland is using Accelerando's Assistive Technology and other enhancements to empower its visually impaired employees!

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The first step toward assistive technology integration is to schedule a review of your organization’s policies, desired functionality and network infrastructure.

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